Adventure Croatia Holidays – between the Alps and Adriatic Sea

Magical adventures in Croatia with numerous sparkling waterfalls and over a thousand islands set amid the blue from the sea, green mountain rivers and streams, virgin canyons, wild karst and mellow plains.

Nestling involving the Alps along with the Adriatic Sea, in the south-eastern portion of the European continent, Croatia jealously protects eight national parks, ten nature parks and a whole range of special reserves, including plant life, animals, geological formations, hydrological phenomena, all inside a small but rich area that could be travelled by car from a end to another one within a day.

Many paths run between rivers, mountain peaks, tiny island beaches and ports, resulting in Illyrian hill forts, to Roman ruins, to cities and towns which can be themselves monuments, to ethno-entities of popular architecture.

Countless trekking and footpaths trails beckon anyone to venture into beauty and discover the magic of nature – inside the mountains, river valleys and canyons, through karstic plains and dense forests, to rock-bound islands and lush green hills. Within this most diverse of reliefs walkers and hikers can reach even the most mysterious areas strewn between sea level along with the highest peak on Dinara (1831 m): by nature parks, nature reserves, national parks as well as other areas with particular attractions from the facet of adventure – in Baranja and Slavonic, Northern Croatia (Hrvatsko zagorje, Medimurje, Podravina), Gorski kotar, Zagorje, Dalmatia and Istria, on hundreds of isles and islands, and down the length of the Dinara range extending over the coastline. There are Biokovo, Velebit, Ucka and Mosor Snijeznica within the far south – oil offering a great deal of challenges.

Sailing It is possible to capture favourable winds among such a number of islands as exist in Croatian territorial waters – whether blowing in the land or maybe the sea. The effectiveness of wind and waves is not really unusually excessive, but should you have had enough just sail for that nearest sheltered bay. Fully equipped sailboats of diverse categories (with or without a skipper) can be hired from the one of the many marinas situated all around the coast as well as on the islands. Yachting marinas and clubs are numerous and well equipped. We are recommending sailing regio at Zadar, Sibenik und Dubrovnik.

freestyle and Alpinists climbers will find the correct climbing environment in both the continental and littoral regions, with a bit of climbing sites being located quite near to towns and popular Croatia holiday resorts (Split, Paiin, Ogulin, Zagreb and Rovinj Ornls…]. Routes which range from several meters long for newbies, to several hundred meters for specialists, are available to climbing enthusiasts around the rocks of Velebit, Ucka and Paklenica inside the Dinara range (including Dinara-Ornis), Biokovo, others and Mosor, and so on the islands Brac and Vis, Mljet). The best known climbing destinations inside the continental areas are on the mountains of Kalnik, Klek and Papuk on Samarske stijene and Bijele stijene

Well, I feel yell have a perfect Croatia holidays!

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